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Are you helping friends and clients find resources to engage into community impact?

Are you familiar with Community Development Finance Institutions or CDFI? If not, are you aware of any special loans for groups of at risk by helping them gain shelter? Similar but not the same as the Habitat model. Some other resources that are part of this movement is micro finance or micro loans, community loan funds (generally geared towards housing and education but not limited), or it could be offered through a participating CDFI Credit Union. It's about doing well while doing good.

Jan 30, 2012 by Scott from Maitland, FL in  |  Flag
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It would be best to talk to a loan officer at a community bank in your neck of the woods.

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Scott Goodwin Thomas

Thanks for the comment- I tried that and they all asked What? What is CDFI? No we don't do that we do traditional business and home loans. The idea I am trying to make is to engage the financial community and ask them what is possible? There are CDFI mutual funds and other foundations and community loan funds out there as well. Jeff try asking your banker friends if they do CDFI Community Development Finance Institutional lending and community engagement?

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There's a resource link located at http://ofn.org/cdfi-locator that locates CDFI institutions in local neighborhoods. Hope this helps. It's grown a lot the past few years.

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