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Should I get an EIN at the time I form my LLC?

I am forming an LLC but not opening a bank acct for the company for at least a year. Can I get an EIN at a later date or is is best to get it at the same time I form an LLC? Most formation companies like, Legal Zoom, charge a hefty fee to get an EIN. Can't I get it myself later?

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You can obtain an EIN for free from the IRS. The quickest way is by telephone or fax-back service. I would obtain the EIN now, as you will have an obligation to pay registration fees and taxes whether or not you have opened a bank or brokerage account. Most of the forms will ask for it. Good luck to you.

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Sounds like I can easily do it on my own. No need to pay legalzoom to do it for me.

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Steve Casull Level 13

It is best to get it as you are forming the LLC. My LLC articles actually now contain my EIN. ANd as James said, you will need it for a plethora of other things, like opening a bank account. You want to keep the "LIMITED LIABILITY" portion in tact by as little reference to your personal identifiers as possible.

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to form an LLC whether you elect to be taxed as C-corp or S-corp EIN number is a requirement for federal and state tax reporting purposes. Limited liability company should be stand alone entity for the purpose of liability protection. You should be able to establish EIN via online form at IRS.gov Also, it is very important to establish a operation agreement and partnership agreement if more then 1 partner exist at time of formation. Also, depending on your type of business more legal help might be needed for better operation of business. good luck!

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