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How to I go about getting my financial status with my 401K?

Mar 22, 2015 by Sandra in  |  Flag
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I think you need to define financial status. If that means your account balance, your last statement should provide that information for you. If you mean your financial net worth, you would need to simply tally your assets and subtract them from your liabilities. Hopefully this will give you a positive number.

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If you're inquiring about how to access your 401(k) account to see contributions, account values, etc. I recommend you speak to your Human Resources representative at your place of employment. Your HR rep will be able to direct you to your 401(k) Plan Administrator. From their, you can register for an account, request statements, or change your contribution amount.

If this is the answer you were looking for, please provide feedback by giving me a thumbs up; if not, you can contact me directly for clarification.

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