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Time to invest in the Euro?

A yahoo article claimed that the Euro has risen to a 2-month high in comparison to the dollar. Would you caution against euro-zone investment given this statistic?

Feb 07, 2012 by Jamie from Scottsdale, AZ in  |  Flag
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Tread cautiously when investing in currencies. More professional investors have been humbled by currency investing than by any other investment. That’s because so many factors can make an impact, from political to demographics to business cycles and much much more. True the Euro may get a bump from a Greek resolution, but what happens if there is no resolution (again)? The Euro will most likely get punished. Don’t forget about the other problem children in Europe, like Portugal, Spain, and Italy, that still can negatively impact the currency. Lastly, you need to consider your home currency, the US dollar, and its relative direction to the Euro. So, be cautious and be prepared to trade quickly.

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Sounds like in most cases currency trading is not in the best interest of the average investor.

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Jeffrey Allen Bogart

Remember, Ryan, be it a stock or currency trade, there is always somebody on the otherside of that trade. Often that somebody isn't Joe Shmo, it could be an institution, endowment fund etc.

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Are you considering investing in the Euro currency or European companies? If the former, currency investing is a very complex specialized markets. In simplistic terms you are betting against one currency and for another. Direct currency investments can be accessed the FOREX market but I would highly advice against it. On the other side of your trade will be professional currency traders who do this for a living. George Soros's company could be betting the opposite of your bet. It would be like playing tennis with Rafael Nodal, you'd be lucky to return one serve!

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Steve Casull Level 13

Once upon a time there was this far off land called Russia. Does anyone remember Russia? Come on. Last year, almost to the day, Russia took control over Crimea. Six months before that it wasn't even on the radar of things that could happen. The Ukraine is in turbulence. Russia is losing BILLIONS with the oil downturn. In short, I would hold off any foreign currency speculation for now. There's more stability and better odds on the roulette table.

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Steve Casull

Whoops, the question was posed Feb of 2012, Well heck, the advice still holds as Crimea hadn't been invaded yet. It's eery that Doug, above was referring to Greece, shich is also in the news now.

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