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I need to found my 401K plans from ex employees?

i did not remember where i did sign for 401K+

Feb 14, 2012 by cristina from Corunna, MI in  |  Flag
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1) Try to find an old statement - If you can find one, call the number on the statement. If that number doesn't work, google the company that held your 401k and call their current number. They may ask questions you don't know the answer to like your hire date, termination date, employee number, plan number. You will need to persevere, the plan may have changed investment companies. 2) Try to find the current HR manager of your old company. Call that person and find out what investment company currently has the 401k plan now and how to contact them. Ask the HR person for the plan number, the 'name' of the current plan, and who is the primary contact at the investment company. 3) Call the investment company that has the current plan and ask them if they can find your account. You may have to try several times. And you may have to 'prove' that you are actually you before they will answer any questions.

These kinds of problems are part of the reason most advisors recommend rolling your 401k over to an IRA whenever you leave your job.

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David Kleinik Level 15


You would need to call these company's ask for the hr department and find out which company they used for the 401k then call them and check to see if you had an account

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Hey Cristina,

    I know that it can be hard what you are going through.  In fact many of my current clients felt the same way at one point or another.  What I have found is that there are ways that together we can find out about your previous 401k and figure out the next steps for you.  Please feel free to reach out to me anytime, I have helped several people in the same scenario.  My office number is 631-957-2317.  Thank you for your time Cristina, I look forward to assisting you.  Have a great day.

Bill Koehler

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If you don't remember there is a good chance you may not have one established. However, to make sure you must contact your HR director and consult with him/her if such plan is in fact applicable to you. Also, a great way of determined whether you had one is also looking into your tax returns or prior years W2 statements. It is important to know where your money is being put. Therefore, your next move should not be contributing to ex-employer's plan unless your ex-employer is absorbing all fees associated with the plan. Look into transferring your plan into an IRA with low cost funds. 401k plans are not cheap to administrate and therefore can impose substantive fees among participants. Also the fiduciary of the plan could be in question if not a current employee of such plan. Take matters in your own hands and find a good advisor that will help you with allocation of funds tailored to your investment goals and risk tolerance. I hope this helps!

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