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When our company changed retirement company monies were withdrawed, but i know there was a small amount left in my account. How can i know what happened to my monies that were left in there?

My name was Gracie Salazar and i worked for Clinicas De Salud Del Pueblo, Inc.

Feb 17, 2012 by Gracie from Chiriaco Summit, CA in  |  Flag
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Joshua R. Dunham Level 11

To determine your 401K balance, allocation, and contribution history, you should first contact your Human Resources Department. They will most likely direct you to an online portal for your Plan Sponsor. If you have not accessed this information before, you may need to register for this access. Upon receiving a log-in and Password, you should be able to track your 401K information as often as you like.

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Gracie, there are a couple of different ways you can go about finding your money. If you have an old account statement, you could simply look up the firm and contact them directly. With some basic identification information, they should be able to tell you if you still have an account, and if so, how much money is left in it.

If you don't have a statement handy, you could also contact the human resources department, or the benefits department of your empoyer, tell them you are looking for the contact information for the firm where your retirement plan used to be, and they should be able to help you.

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Reach out to your H.R department ASAP.

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