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Do I need a separate rental insurance policy?

My boyfriend and I each had separate rental insurance policies, but we are now living together. Is there any reason to keep separate policies? Almost all of our finances are separate at this point.

Feb 22, 2012 by Andrea from San Mateo, CA in  |  Flag
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Herbert N Glass Level 18

Positively yes, you should have Renter's Insurance to cover all your belongings contained in your rented property. You should also make sure that you also carry liability insurance in case some visits your premises and gets hurt requiring medical help or results in their loss of income or any pain and suffering. If you have the liability and renters insurance, you will be able to live through most problems that may occur on your rented premises. Do not wait another minute, call a competent property and casualty insurance company or agent to evaluate you needs and buy one or more policies to protect you.

Herbie Glass

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Andrea - If you're living with your boyfriend, I would recommend you each keep separate renters insurance policies. You should probably check with your insurance company to be certain, but based on these online resources, it sounds like a good idea to have separate policies unless you're married:




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I commend you for having taken the step of putting renter insurance policies in place. Too often I speak with folks and they either don't know the option exists or mistakenly believe that their landlord's policy will cover them. While I realize that you are trying to economize and eliminate any duplication, the reality is that you each own stuff so it's best to insure it separately.

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