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I have an old CD with a bank that I forgot about and the bank is no longer in existence. How can I get my money?

Is there an overhead agency that I can contact?

Feb 24, 2012 by Natalie from Providence, RI in  |  Flag
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Do you know whether the bank is not in existence because it was acquired, or because it became insolvent? Often times when a bank ceases to exist, even in a distress situation, the deposits are moved to a healthy successor bank. If you feel comfortable disclosing the name of the bank, it may be possible to see where the deposits ended up and you could call that entity directly. Depending on how many years it has been, the account may have been reported to the state as "unclaimed property" in which case you would have to deal with the agency in that state.

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Barry Rabinowitz Level 19

Hi: I would contact the FDIC. They should be able to help you

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Every state has an "Escheated Property" department. In many cases, you can prove your claim to the value of the account and get all or part of it back. You will not get any interest earned. Also, be aware that these departments are very thinly staffed so expect to be directed to websites quite a bit and do a lot of legwork yourself. The Secretary of States' Office could also be a resource. As Barry mentioned, the FDIC may need to be contacted depending on how long the account went unclaimed before the bank was sold or acquired.

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Barry provided an excellent answer. Here's a link to a common unclaimed property search website to begin your search in whi chever state you'd like. http://www.naupa.org/. Good luck.

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Steve Casull Level 13

Call your state offices and ask for the Division of Consumer affairs. This is where you will find the clerk that handles "ES-CHEATED PROPERTY". This is what your funds are now termed as. DOn't worry, this happens all the time, and is an example to have clients have adequate records of all assets.

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Hey Natalie,

I can understand how hard and time consuming this process may be for you. I have several clients that have been in the same scenario and felt the same way. If you need help or assistance and do not have the time to do this, please feel free to call me anytime at my office, 631-957-2317. I would love to help you out and get this matter regarding your CD resolved. I look forward to the opportunity of helping you Natalie. Have a great day today.

Bill Koehler

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