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How to get my 401k?

Jun 28, 2015 by billy in  |  Flag
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Frank Reilly Level 20

Your 401(k) is held by your current employer or former employer. You are not typically allowed to withdraw from your 401(k) account until you reach 59.5 years of age, though there are some circumstances that allow the funds to be accessed earlier such as buying a house for the first time or to prevent foreclosure from your home.

To get access to your 401(k), talk to the HR department of the current and/or former employer you work(ed) for. They can provide you with all the numbers and additional information.

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Could you please add a little more information to your question?


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Billy, Your 401(k) is connected to your employer or former employer. Contacting HR for the company that holds the 401(k) can give you the answers you need.

If you no longer work at that company you can rollover the money in the 401(k) into an IRA in order to have more control and possibly save expenses.

Unless you are over 65, don't take the money out directly for any reason.


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