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Do tithes to religious organizations count as "charitable donations"?

I saw an article on CnnMoney that showed the 2010 income tax returns for Obama, Gingrich and Romney. It showed that Romney gave $3.0M to Charity and then in a separate line showed $1.5M in Tithes. I'm just wondering if those are separate (meaning a total of $4.5M was given) or if realistically that $3.0M includes the $1.5M in tithes. Are tithes tax deductible and considered Charitable donations?

Mar 06, 2012 by Miranda from Glenburn, ME in  |  Flag
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In the case of Mitt Romney's Tax return, the total charitable Contributions given was 3M, of that total 1.5M was donated to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints as tithing. So he donated an additional 1.5M to some other charitable organization. When you pay a Tithe to your church, you are able to deduct that charitable contribution as long as it was donated to a Qualified Tax Exempt Organization. Some organizations such as churches and religious organizations do not have to obtain a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status. For other organizations make sure they have obtained such a status if you are concerned about the tax deductibility of your donations. Regardless, of whom you donate to, you the donor carry the responsibility to keep records of your donations, this includes, receipts, cancelled checks, or letters of acknowledgment from the organization.

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