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How can i find out what my account balance is?

Mar 19, 2012 by tyler from Quinnesec, MI in  |  Flag
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Herbert N Glass Level 18

It is easy! first, if you are in a 401(k) Plan that has participant directed accounts, your employer is obligated to give you your account information once per quarter. However, if your 401(k) Plan account monies are comingled with all other participants' account monies and are invested by the Trustee of the plan, then you may only get your account statement once per year. If you have not received such information you may go to your employer and ask for the information you want. In addition, if you are in a participant directed investment account, between the time you receive your quarterly statements, you can call or go to the recordkeepers website to find out what your account balance is invested in and what you account is worth.

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You will have to be more specific. Your account balance in what? If it is a retirment account, life insurance policy, bank account, 529, etc. there should be a way to access that information online by registering on the website provided by the institution that has your money. If you don't have access to a computer you should be able to call whatever institution we are talking about and have them verify your identity by a series of personal questions, find your account and give you your balance. Best I can do without know what we are talking about.

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