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How do I obtain private loans for medical school with average credit and high debt from student loans?

Mar 19, 2012 by Saint from Richmond, CA in  |  Flag
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Mark Teerlinck Level 12

Another new popular option is peer to peer lending. Try looking at sites such as LendingClub.com.

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This site has some good information and links to loan providers.

It is commendable that you want to continue your education past your undergraduate work. I have seen some young adults that have graduated from medical school with at least $250,000 in debt. This a scary thought.

I would exhaust all measures to obtain grants, scholarships and even look at any work-study programs if available. You will be looking at paying a higher percentage on loans with your current debt load.

Good luck with your bright future.

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Don't borrow money to go to school. www.90DayMoneyChallenge.com

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