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If I submitted on August 10,2015 my pension request, when can I expect my first check. Just curious. They said November.

I had to do an early retirement due to a sever disability, funds are tight. So, the hospital Benefit Manager said, " Your first check will come in November 2015". My ex-wife is a Pension Actuary Administrator. Of course she is not with your company and can only speak for her company but, she said it should be in October, if I met the plans deadline for submission. Did I? Please advise. I remain, appreciative for any answer> Thank You.

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sometimes these have payout windows. So sometimes even if you turn in the paperwork every early you still may have to wait until the window. I have assisted a client and they had to wait 4 months for the batch payout system. If they say Nov. I would expect Nov.

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Christopher Theodore Ellis

Brightscope is not your plan manager so the check will not be coming from them. The check will also not be from your company directly. It will be coming from the financial company that was hired by your company to manage the retirement plan.

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Christopher Theodore Ellis

I can only speak from my experience as a Financial Advisor on the cases and the situations that I have dealt with. I would say that they administrator that told you November is probable the best source of information for this timeline. I would tend to believe them and give them the benefit of the doubt.

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