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Is there an organization that can track missing retirement funds?

I am 62 and should have an active pension. I am a 62 yr old Aetna retiree who should be getting a monthly pension now. Aetna does not find a fund for me. Many calls to different places within Aetna and still no luck. Is there anyone who can find my retirement account?

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You use the word pension but did you indeed have a pension, or a 401K account? If you had a 401K account you would get access instructions through your human resources department. Your HR department may point you to a third party administrator, that is, another company contracted to manage the 401K plan for the company. If indeed you had a pension, you should have received information about your balances from your company before you separated from service. You can check for retirement plan info on the website www.freeerisa.com to see what companies AETNA uses to manage retirement assets.

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Danna Jacobs Level 1

While this may be a long shot, you may also want to check for any unclaimed funds held at your state.

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