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How do i pull out a 401k from k2 inc, bought by jarden corp. worked there in 2006 & cannot find a phone # for anyone.

Oct 16, 2015 by Monika in  |  Flag
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It looks like the plan is run by Great-West. I would recommend calling 1-855-756-4738 , which is their general 401k number for participants. You should be getting at least an annual statement for the plan, which would have a phone number to it, in case that number doesn't work. Good luck!

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Ross Lopez Level 1

Hey Monica,

I have a question for you. Are you talking about the Pension Plan that was Sponsored by K2 Inc? I looked up K2 Inc last filled 5500 form (the form that all retirement plans have to file to IRS) and a terminated Defined Benefit Plan AKA Pension plan shows up with a plan terminated effective date of 12/312009. The plan administrator's name is TONYA JARVIS and the number listed for her on the form is 760-494-1000. The plan seems to be with NEW YORK LIFE RETIREMENT PLAN SERVI. The plan is terminated but there are still participants with balances so the administrator needs to continue to file a 5500 form until all participants have been paid out.

If you are talking about the 401k Plan, I might need more information from you to help you figure out where your money might be. If you had a balance below $5K your money could have been rolled over into an IRA many years ago and if it was below $1K, you could have been cashed out and a check would have been sent out to your last known address. If that check never made it to you, the money could have gone to your state and you will have to contact them to see if they have it. If over $5K, your money could have been transferred to JARDEN CORPORATION SAVINGS AND RETIREMENT PLAN and the administrator for that plan is WILLIAM APPERT and the number listed for him is 561-912-4660. The 401k plan for Jarden is listed with Wells Fargo for 2014. If it was cashed out, you could also ask the plan administrator to confirm, if they still have that information.

I hope that helps but if you need to reach out to me, you can email me at ross@rlifs.com.

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Hey Monika,

I know what you are going through and the process can be very time consuming. I have dealt with this scenario many time with clients that have left companies and have a new employer that they did not rollover or simply forgot about their old retirement plan through the process. If you are still looking for assistance I can definitely help you. Feel free to reach out to me anytime at my office, 631-957-2317. Thank you for your time Monika, I look forward to the opportunity of helping you. Have a great day today.

Bill Koehler

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