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Would my dad's life insurance/regular insurance cover my mom's death? He is retired now and he has insurance.

Is there anyway his insurance would cover her? Also she had Medicare. She worked part time and was a house wife most of our growing up. Is there any where else I need to check for insurance? My parents weren't to great on preparation.

Jan 07, 2016 by Christina in  |  Flag
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Brian Kuhn CFP® Level 17

Hi Christina,

Thanks for posting. It's doubtful his life insurance would cover mom. Perhaps there is what's called a spousal term rider on the policy which would cover her for a small amount. You can check with their banking institution or credit cards to see if there are any small life insurance policies on mom too. Those institutions sometimes offer policy offers in the mail to existing companies through life insurance affiliations. https://www.mib.com/ is another option to enter in both of their information to search for policies. This is like a central hub of the life insurance industry.

On the health insurance that is a whole different conversation. Whether dad's coverage also covers mom would only be known by calling dad's health insurance customer service line. Hope it helps.

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