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How long can your employer(Trustee) legally hold your 401k funds before approving your withdraw request?

it has been a month since I put in my request and he still has not approved it

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That depends on provisions added to the 401k plan. If it has any contribution by employer in profit sharing plan then depending on your tenure with employer such contribution can be subject to vesting period. If it is just a 401k with no profit sharing then any election of contribution made by you is deemed to be 100% fully vested and therefore you can start rolling it over now. Here is my office number 2396762320 and my assistant's name is Boryana. Call her or e-mail her at Boryana.Jimenez@nm.com so she can arrange a phone appointment for us to discuss and help you with guidance. Depending on your 401k plan with former employer (assuming admin expenses are not absorbed by participants) might be the best option to keep it there until you start a new job that has a similar plan to combine them together. Whatever the case may be, I will need to look at your statement and ask some questions to determine suitability and advise with best option available. I hope this helps!

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