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My father died 2 years ago. No will , nothing in writing. He had 2 small pensions coming in that were auto deposited.

I had medical and financial power of attorney. My older sister was supposed to handle any financial issues but apparently didn't. The money is still being deposited. When i checked the account there was no money there. Because my Father had no will, I've lost everything. The house I lived in and vehicle I had were in his name. My son and I are homeless. How do i fix this, and not go to jail? All of his financial papers have disappeared, I dont know anything about the pensions.

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First, I'm very sorry to hear about your situation. Unfortunately, trying to chase down assets of a person who passes away without any records is not all that uncommon.

If I am understanding your question accurately, it sounds like whoever manages the pension does not know your father passed away. If they did, the periodic disbursements would not be showing up in his account. If you make them aware of this, those will undoubtedly stop. What's worse, the company will probably try to recover all payments since his passing.

On the bright side, since the pension company is not aware of his death, I have to imagine none of his other investment providers are aware of it either (assuming he had other accounts). If this is the case, you may be listed as a beneficiary on those accounts. If no beneficiaries are listed, you will have to abide by his resident state's laws for the distribution of assets for folks who die without a will.

If you don't know where to begin looking for his accounts, you can visit www.unclaimed.org and search each state where he lived to see what pops us. I would also search the states in which each of his banks were based, assuming you know that information. Another resource is www.missingmoney.org which is a nationwide search. I would check both sites just to cover all your bases.

As a testament to the value of these sites, I just found out I had a positive balance from overpayment of a credit card I closed in 2004! Best of luck-

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Nick Allen Edwards

UPDATE: The correct website above is www.missingmoney.com, not .org

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