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Withdrawal pension?

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Every employer plan is different and has its own rules. That being said, if you are 100% vested, then there is a good possibility that you can rollover or transfer your pension into something else. If you're just looking to start generating income, then I would talk to the human resources department of the employer who gave you the pension.

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If you have a pension it is very likely you have different options available to you. It is extremely important that you obtain your options from your employer as Troy mentioned. I would also highly recommend you sit down with a independent fee-only certified financial planner (CFP®) who specializes in retirement planning before selecting an option or doing anything else. He/she can help you decide which option is best for you based on your specific circumstances and goals. Once you chose an option there is no going back and what is right for your buddy might not be right for you. May your retirement years be golden ones.

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