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I received SSA Benefit Info, will you help me to find a plan in 2016?

AG Edwards Inc Retriement and PROFIT SHARING PLAN...PLAN#43-1288229-003. Bright Scope shows assets of $1.6B in 2008......AGEdwards was taken by Wachovia Corp which was taken by Wells Fargo and the Profit Sharing plan seems to have vanished. Please advise

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Gary Ray Duell Level 18

I don't understand your first question. Are you referring to Medicare plans? Those are separate from the Social Security Administration. If you are, go to medicare.gov and navigate around their excellent website. Their great search engine lets you sort, in various ways, all the plans available in your state. As to the Profit Sharing plan, there surely is contact information on your correspondence from the three firms.

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Thank you for the comment....I have tried to contact the three firms and get nowhere...I need help in locating....PLAN#43-1288229-003 in 2016 and current contact information...Is there way to find plan using this ERISA number?... Bright Scope had info in 2008,...thanks in advance

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