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To whom it may concern I have 50k to invest, I would like to build this money as well as I able.

I do not come from a privileged background my father passed away and after all said and done this is all my worldly assets from him and I would like to not mess this up. Meaning he left it to me for help along the way in my life, so please if possible reach down and help. If not sorry to have bothered you plz have a great day. Thank you

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Daniel Glanville Level 10

First of all, sorry for your loss. Second of all, good on you for thinking about this long term. Your father would be proud. I do not know your age, but I am guessing that you are not nearing retirement yet. There are a couple things I would look at for you.

1) If you have kids, I would consider starting a 529, or other college savings plan for them. 2) If you have a family you will want to get life insurance in place if you don't already have it. 3) This is the probably the most exciting part. Investing for the long term. You'll want to sit down/talk with and advisor to help you put together an investment strategy based on age, risk tolerance, and your goals. Make sure the goals are addressed. If not, he may be putting a portfolio based on what he knows about investing rather than what he knows about you.

If you have a long time until retirement you can be fairly aggressive if you want to. I am guessing this is not qualified money (IRA, 401k, etc.), you need to be wary of taxes. For this reason, I would stick a portion of this in a low cost fee/advisor based variable annuity. You will pay .25-.45% as a fee for this account, but it will grow tax-deferred just like one of those qualified accounts. This is a huge benefit for someone investing for the long haul. This might be half or so (a lot of firms will only let you do half for the reason of the extra fees). With the other half, you will want to build a portfolio that works with the annuity. Once you find and investment/portfolio you like, you should check if it is tax-managed because that will save you a good amount over the years.

If you would like some personal one-on-one advice please ask. I would love to help you out.

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