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1996 Mother opened an account for me with Quick and Reilly she transferred 13 valuable bonds to account. Help me please?

Have not visited the account till now, so please guide me along as would be great to see how those bonds are doing and what else is there in that account.

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Hi Elizabeth, Unfortunately, there is not much anyone on Brightscope would be able to do to help you without a little more information. There are many different kinds of bonds, however, if they are Series EE, I bonds, or any other type of bonds issued by the U.S. government, you can find out their value by going to www.treasurydirect.gov. There you can find the value of the bonds held in that account. I hope that answers your questions. Good luck!

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My question is Quick and Reilly still around and if not might you know the company that took over? Sorry to be able to navigate these searches is not my forte. Whatever you might

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Be able to quide me appreciate your help that you can offer.

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