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I worked at Lowe's and had money put into a 401k with Wells Fargo for 4 years, but now my Wells Fargo account is at $0?

So I got done in March but knew that I had to do something with my money so I called Wells Fargo because I didn't know my account info, gave them my social security number and all my info and they told me they couldn't find any hostory of me having an account. Well I went thru my old mail the other day and I found a statement that I received in April and it clearly showed I had an account with plenty of money so I tried logging on myself and it found my account easy enough, not sure why the Wells Fargo employee couldn't but it says I have $0 in my account! What happened to it? Can they just take your money that fast?

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Larry R Frank Sr Level 20

Your 401k is not the same as a regular Wells Fargo bank account so bank employees wouldn't necessarily be able to see it. Talk to Lowe's (human resources) to find out what happens to 401k's for ex-employees. Was it your money, or Lowe's money, that went into the 401k. If it was Lowe's money and the 401k plan rules require you to be "vested" (worked there for x number of years), then Lowe's can take their money back for redistribution to other plan participants. If it was your money through contributions, then that money should still be yours. People get confused about how 401k plans work so don't feel alone. How the plan documents are written determines how they are run.

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