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What is your telephone #????

I would like to speak to a financial planner. My Plan # is 13-2962996-001 My name is Beverly J Sagehorn My phone # is 561 512-9990 I would like to roll this 401K into my current employers 401K (Fidelity)

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Randy Brunson Level 18

Hi Beverly, we would be glad to help. You are welcome to call us at 770-817-0525 or, if you prefer, we can call you. Warm regards,

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Rich Winer Level 20

Hi Beverly, I could be happy to talk with you as well. I can be reached at 818-835-8755. It's possible that rolling your 401K to the new employer's plan may not be your best option. Feel free to email me at rich.winer@spwm.com as well.

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