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How old is the rating for Kroger?

I work for Kroger. It is a very low score. We did have many changes going back 2 -3 years. Does the score reflect the changes?

Apr 20, 2012 by John from Portland, OR in  |  Flag
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Rosa Level 13

Hi John,

Kroger's current BrightScope Rating is based on the most recently filed Form 5500, which would be from 2010. This filing should reflect any changes made during the Plan Year 01/01/2010 - 12/31/2010. If there have been any recent changes to the plan, you may submit updated documentation to our 'Plan Data Vault'. Once documents are submitted, we would update the data and corresponding rating for this plan. I hope this explanation helps. If you have any additional questions you can contact us directly at info@BrightScope.com

Rosa Hernandez Director of Advisor Success BrightScope, Inc.

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It looks like the Form 5500 is for Plan Year 01/01/2010 — 12/31/2010, which is the most current year available. Plan Year 2011 should be available to the public by sometime close to the end of the year. You could request that the Plan Administrators upload a copy along with any material changes the plan has made to Brightscope as soon as they are available.

The Form 5500 that is available now, shows that there was not a Blackout period. The common two reasons a blackout period occurs is when a plan changes recordkeepers or custodians, or a merger or acquisition occurs involving the plan sponsor which leads to the addition of new participants to a plan. The blackout period is necessary when the aforementioned situations occur, because participants? accounts need to be valued before liquidation or transfer to the new service provider or plan.

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