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Can I self-contribute to a 401K plan?

I have a 401k plan through my Union, that I have contributed to when I worked. But I don't work that much in that union plan. Can I make a contribution on my own? If so, what is the limit? I am 65.

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Union 401k plans with multiple employers can be problematic. You can only make contributions through an employer that participates in the plan and only during the period you are working with that particular employer. You must enroll with that employer using their paperwork. If the employer does not make matching contributions, you are probably better off contributing to an IRA. Your age doesn't make any difference as long as you are under 70 and 1/2 and working.

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There are multiple factors that come into play when figuring out your contribution limits for qualified plans (401k) and IRAs. Speak to an accountant and/or an advisor to discuss the income limits about the limitations for an IRA tax deduction contribution. Your age allows a contribution of $5,500.00 plus an additional $1,000.00 known as a catch-up election for an IRA contribution.

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