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Survivor Continuance CalPERS?

my mother passed away 31/2 years ago my sister was handing her estate I received a letter from CalPERS stating my brother and sisters and I were beneficiaries with somethings to sign about with holding taxes also they needed photo ID and social security # so I signed it. any way I got 2 payments from them (Survivor Continuance $468.22) and ( Option 2 Pro rata $397.51) that was it I asked my sister she said that was all we got ( my mom was receiving 3,800.00 or so a month from this ) Now I just got an email from my sisters lawyer asking me for my SS# for taxes I didn't give it to him because I don't know why they would need it. Its been almost four years. I guess my question is why would they need my SS#

Apr 15, 2017 by Frances in  |  Flag
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