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My wife is 70 years old and retiring this year. She will get a lumps sum payout, which she can put in a 403b plan.

She is looking for a guaranteed return, low fees, and access without penalty. Any information is appreciated. Thanks.

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Hi William,

The best way that an advisor like myself would approach your question would be to first sit down with the two of you to review your monthly expenses and retirement goals, and then ask you several questions about other areas such as your current health if there is longevity on one or both sides, etc. Then I/we could give you the most appropriate advice that fits you and your goals.

However, if you just want a simple answer - since you used the word 'guaranteed', you are probably referring either to a bank product (FDIC-insured) or possibly an insurance company product such as an annuity which may come with a minimum guarantee. Depending on the state you live in, there are usually many different annuity products available, however, many of them do carry early withdrawal penalties if you withdraw more than 10% (or a different amount depending on your state's rules) of the funds before a certain amount of time.

If you'd like to find someone in your area, I recommend that you go to FINRA's Broker Check site to locate licensed financial and investment advisors, and there you can check their background to see if they have any complaints or fines against them.

On the insurance side, your state's Office of Insurance or Insurance Commissioner's website is where you can find insurance agents and brokers records and make sure they don't have any violations or complaints against them.

I wish you the best in your search,

Crystal McMahon Great Life Planning Tacoma, WA Serving Kitsap, Pierce, King and Thurston Counties Licensed in Washington State

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Unicorns exists and if you can't find one, an annuity may work, but be careful of the fine print.

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