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How do i find out how much money is in my local 152 saving plan?

Apr 24, 2012 by denise from Radnor, PA in  |  Flag
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Hi Denise,

I assume since you used the term Local 152, this is a union retirement plan? If so, there are a number of ways to find this information.

One way is to contact the saving plan administrator. You will need to answer a few questions for security purposes, but once they establish that you are you, they can give you the informations.

If you don't know who the adminisrator is, contact your local's office and ask to speak to retirement plan person there. They should be able to give you the contact information.

Either way, when you do speak with the plan administrator, ask them if there is a way to access the information on-line. Many plans offer on-line access. You can also ask if there is a way to speak with one of their advisors to help you choose your investments and make sure you are staying within your risk tolerance.

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