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How can i get a couple of the funds in my job’s 401k plan replaced with better funds to invest in? Call plan admin?

In my jobs 401k plan we don’t have that many options to begin with and we have a couple of real stinkers. The funds I’ve picked for myself I’m very happy with, but I hate that I could have even more options available to me if the funds I had to choose from were better. For example, we only have one small cap fund and one international fund to choose from. These two funds have the highest fees in my Plan. Almost double the rest of the funds I can choose from. Higher fees, higher returns? Nope. Consistently at or near the bottom in %returm no matter if you look back 1,3,5 or 10 Years. And I’ve found different fund in the same asset classes from the same (provider? I’m not sure what you’d call a Fidelity or Morgan Stanley which the fund is named for). My international fund from Morgan Stanley is in the 70th percentile. While just one spot away they list another international fund that is in the 1st percentile. Who can I speak to about changing this, and besides the information I can gather myself online, what else should I know if I happen to talk to someone about this?

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