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Advantages of moving 401K from old employer to IRA account?

Hi, I have my 401k money from old employer. I am confused should I move to IRA account or not as there are different kind of charges for IRA account. I will be charged 35$ annual fee for my 401K though, but I see that IRA has different kind of charges for ETF's etc., too. Is it wise to move the money to IRA or better to leave it in 401K account? Money is around 15K$

Jun 16, 2018 by Hari in  |  Flag
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Hari, You do have a lot options on how to handle your retirement savings. Are you currently working? Do you have a plan with your current employer? The investment choices and if you are wanting to contribute more should be the driving factors in your decision even more than the fees. How comfortable are you making investment decisions? There aren't many advisors that will provide advice for an account of $15,000 so your previous plan administrator might be a good resource.

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Jeffrey A Grimes

Have you worked with a financial advisor previously?

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No Jeff.

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