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I would like to know how much is in my 401k and how would I access it, now that I am no longer working for Atlanticare?

Nov 19, 2018 by Lisa in  |  Flag
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If you have an old statement, it should have a phone number that you can call to get updated information. If you need to update your mailing or email address they will likely need you to sign a form and return it to them. Some plans allow you to leave the funds in place and other plans require you to roll the funds out. Any money that you deferred/sent into the plan is yours. While profit sharing contributed by the company you worked could be subject to a vesting schedule. If you worked there long enough, you would be fully vested and able to roll it into a IRA of your choice. If you need help reviewing the documents are tracking your money, give me a call 770-954-8823 or email stephanie@capstoneglobaladvisors.com

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