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I was terminated from my job Dec 2018. I was contributing to a 401k for 13yrs. Im 100% vest. What am i entitled to?

I took out a loan to pay bills and buy a vehicle. It was for 5yrs but was terminated before it was PD off. The loan was for 28k. I estimated I PD back 7500 in just over a yr. My last report at the end of 2017 said I had just over 70k. Would they subtract my remaining loan from the total amount and then I would pay the penalty's on that amount? Also I inquired about cashing it out in January 2019 and the administer said I had to wait till June for some report. Then I called in June and it turned to July asked to speak to her boss and he told me more like august. For one are they allowed to prolong it this long, and two what am I entitled to?

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