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I want to check my balance, how?

May 02, 2012 by sothy from Bellflower, CA in  |  Flag
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Hi Sothy,

I agree with Brice. Check you statements to see if there is a number you can call for assistance. You may also find the website information on the statement.

You may also want to consider using mint.com which will aggregate all of your accounts held at various institutions. You will see the up to date balances for all of your accounts on the mint.com site in a very user friendly format. It's a great tool that I recommend to my clients.

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Hi Sothy, as you can probably tell by the lack of answers, we need a little bit more information from you to help. Are you asking about your 401(K) balance at work? If so, where do you work? Have you called the number on your statement or your Human Resources department? Give that a shot or post a little more detail. Good luck!

Comment   |  Flag   |  May 11, 2012 from Columbus, GA

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