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My advisor wants to have a meeting at my home...should I?

May 09, 2012 by Remy from Discovery Bay, CA in  |  Flag
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Advisors may offer you the option of visiting you at your home as a convenience for you. However, you should feel free to ask to meet at their office instead if that is your preference. I recommend that if you are at all uncomfortable with having the advisor come to your home ask to meet at their office.

Comment   |  Flag   |  May 10, 2012 from St Charles, IL

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I completely agree with Mr. Larsen. There is a growing trend of advisors(broker/dealers and RIA's) that work out of their homes. The importance of where your advisors works begins and ends with your comfort level. Do not be afraid to ask. I can see how advice-only advisors would not necessarily need a traditional office, but it does bring in questions of oversight and accountability. It is neither good nor bad. It is just what you, as the client, are comfortable with. The information age is upon us and I know many advisors who only meet via phone, email and Skype video conferencing and theire clients love it.

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Remy - I frequently meet clients at their homes, but it is ALWAYS at their request, never at my request. I might say something like "I am available to meet you at your home or office, if that would be more convenient for you," but I would never suggest a meeting at a prospective client's home without offering alternative venues. It is unprofessional for an advisor to invite themselves to your home, just as it would be rude for anyone to invite themselves to your home. I would find another advisor.

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George Cones, JD Level 20

The venue is not as important as the content. Before the meeting have the Advisor provide you with an agenda and have them stick to it.

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Hi Remy - Technology certainly has changed the landscape since I entered this business. And, technology makes it possible for an advisor to have the same tools at his/her fingertips as many big name firms! Your question goes to comfort level, however. So, I guess my question would be: Would you feel uncomfortable about having an electrician or plumber come to your home? I'm not sure how the subject matter of the visit would make much difference; but, only you can answer the comfort-level question. You might ask the advisor (1) for credentials, (2) how to check his/her compliance record (FINRA website), (3) for references, (4) for information on how s/he is compensated. Bottom line: If it bothers you, say 'no thanks'.

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Ben VerWys Level 5


Good answers so far. I'm going to piggy back on James' response and say that not only has technology changed the landscape but the consumer has changed as well. When was the last time someone offered to sell you a vaccuum at home? The reality is far less business is done in someone's home these days which is a shift away from the space as a medium. Obviously if you want that to be the medium, then great, go for it. But the consumer has shifted away from this medium for a reason. You have control of the medium and because of the aforementioned technology, you can easily find an Advisor anywhere that wants to work with you however you prefer instead of requesting an environment that you may not be comfortable with.

Warm regards,

Ben VerWys

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