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Did Playtex Employees Have A Retirement Plan?

If so how do playtex employees apply for their retirement monies? And where do we go to claim it? I am a Playtex Employee. I was an Employee For 18 years until closing in the LaGrange Plant on Commerce Avenue in Lagrange Ga.My telephone is 706 8836170 or, 706 590 8898.
my address is Leila M.Gray Po.Box 800032 LaGrange,Ga 30241

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Hi - which Playtex did you work for? There are at least two companies that use the Playtex name: personal care products (Playtex Products, Inc.) and Playtex Apparel which is a brand name owned by Hanes Brands. You may have been a participant in a retirement plan that was terminated and if so, you should have received documentation about your choices at the time the plan was terminated. A retirement plan can't just end and keep all the money - the plan has to offer termination values to vested plan participants. I would search for clues among any documents I have that relate to my employment with the company. Good luck!

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Playtex in LaGrange was a Intimate Apparel company. I worked in IA for a while in Dover and also for Playtex Family products. Playtex had a contributory qualified plan called Savings and Investment (S&I). My suggestion is to speak with HR at Energizer Products (yes, the battery company) that bought Playtex. I don't think they bought IA, but they may have some insight about where your savings and investments went.

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