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How can i find my 401k plan and cash it in?

I worked at PTC ALLIANCE in richmond Indiana and invested 401k back in 2004 I'd like to know how much I got and cash it in?

Jun 26, 2012 by David from Richmond, IN in  |  Flag
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Herbert N Glass Level 18

Very simply, contact your former employer and ask for the information you want. If the plan allows distributions given your age and years of service, then askthat they send you the paperwork to inquire about the value of your account and request plan distribution paperwork and instructions regarding how you may "cash it in."

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If you no longer work for the company, it probably makes sense to move the 401k. But "cashing it out" is a very different matter. It is almost always a better idea to roll the old 401k plan into a rollover IRA or into the 401k plan of your current employer unless you need the cash for immediate purposes and are willing to take the tax hit. This is something you should discuss with your tax or financial advisor first.

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