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I am 60 years old,and i am going to retire at the age of 62.When can i start saving for y retirement?

I want to get in an 401k plan at my job.I have to wait for a year service.What can i do

Jul 03, 2012 by JAMES from Dundalk, MD in  |  Flag
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James, I think you should sit down with an advisor somewhere. If you are 60 and wish to retire at 62 you need to already have almost all of the necessary assets to afford retirement, pension income, or other. If you sit down with the right advisor they will b able to walk you through this and give you some ideas on when retirement might be an option.

If you are able to retire at 62 then it could be a good idea just to save in a brokerage account outside of retirement. This will give you a base and some after tax funds to combine with taxable funds in retirement when you have to pull from 401k or IRA accounts.

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Herbert N Glass Level 18

James, please forgive me, but if you expect to live on a cash flow any larger than what you get from the Social Security Administration and you have not saved up much for retirement prior to now, then you have either a nestegg that was given to you, or you have been completely remiss with respect to paying attention to your retiremet needs in the past. Frankly, unless you can start saving a substantial amount per year immediately, you should not expect to have a very good retirement. It sounds to me like you will be spending your golden years in the golden arches -- that is eating most meals at McDonalds.

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