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How do i find out who holds my 401k, for a company that went out of business?

I had a 401k with Burger King, i would like to know what happened to it. The corporation, southdown corp., went out of business. Now i have now idea how to find my benefits?

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Aram Level 16

You can search through the Department of Labor, Employee Benefits Security Administration, for free.

Or, you can try a free ERISA search. You can search old 5500 filings for the name of your former employer at various free ERISA search websites. If you can find a Form 5500 for your plan, you should find the contact information.

Or, you can check with The National Registry to see if your former employer has listed you as a missing participant. The registry is a secure database listing retirement plan account balances that have been left unclaimed.

Good luck!

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Erik Evans, CFP®

The National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators has a great website. Start your free search for money that might be due you by going to http://www.unclaimed.org.

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