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How do I get my 401k money from a Plan Administrator who refuses to allow me access?

My Pope & Talbot 401k is being held up by the Plan Administrator, Anthony Ward 800-323-2782, since P&T went bankrupt in 2008. I have recently become disabled and need to rollover my 401k into an IRA account where I can access the funds. The Administrator refuses to turn over my money to me. How do I get it? This 401k carries the bulk of my retirement.

Oct 02, 2012 by Kathleen from Portland, OR in  |  Flag
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Kathleen, I can't verify the credibility of the following forum but it sounds as if there quite a few people like yourself in the same situation:


According to the forum it doesn't look like there has been any resolution as of August 2012. I will continue to research the subject and will be sure to update you if I come across any new, relevant information.

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