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How many of you have read, Trusted Advisor?

Oct 08, 2012 by andy from Oconomowoc, WI in  |  Flag
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Yes, I have read this outstanding book, The Trusted Advisor, by David H. Maister, Charles Green and Robert Galford. The client often enters into a relationshp with an advisor with a high state of anxiety. What's worse, the client's caution and trepidation is reinforced by the fact that outside professionals often see complications in the planning process that the client does not see. As a financial planner, our job is reveal nuances, problems and issues that our client families are unaware. An inexperienced advisor can create more complexity, rather than relieving fears. Above all, people are looking for reassurance, calm fears, and inspire confidence. Many advisors never quite realize that a central part of our job is to develop these interpersonal skills. Especially since money is so very emotional.

Wealth Legacy Institute uses the Trust Equation to help the client evaluate and measure our relationship and their relationship with other professional advisors. The professionals get evaluated on the same metrics which makes it easier for the client to decipher trust, credibility, reliability, intimacy, and self-orientation (more interested in themselves than in trying to be of service). This metric provides a framework in clarifying the economics of professional advisor relationships.

The Trust Equation:

T = C + R + I -------- S

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