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How do i find out id i have a check if I've moved others that have a 401 k have received checks while I was away and I'm trying to see if I have an unclaimed check?

Oct 23, 2012 by Corrie from New Albany, MS in  |  Flag
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Aram Level 16

Contact the human resources department of your old employer.

Or, you can search through the Department of Labor, Employee Benefits Security Administration, for free.

Or, you can try a free ERISA search. You can search old 5500 filings for the name of your former employer at various free ERISA search websites. If you can find a Form 5500 for your plan, you should find the contact information.

Or, you can check with The National Registry to see if your former employer has listed you as a missing participant. The registry is a secure database listing retirement plan account balances that have been left unclaimed.

Good luck!

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