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I need to contact my adviser Richard H. Sorensen?

How can I get in touch with him or arrange an appointment?

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Forgive me. If he's your adviser, I would have thought you would have his contact information already. Maybe you can try looking at one or another of the statements or business cards he provided you. If you need to find a registered representative, you can check his state's licensing authority (typically the Secretary of State's office) or FINRA through the BrokerCheck function at www.finra.org.

If he has any designations or certifications, you can check the appropriate board (CFPs through the CFP Board for instance). He's supposed to keep his contact information current with these types of organizations.

An old-fashioned options - the Yellow Pages. A new age option - try a Google search.

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Michael T. Prus Level 11

phone: (800) 874-6910

3403 10th Street #743 Riverside, California, 92501 United States

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