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I worked for BFI/Waste Industries of Chesapeake, VA for 17 years. I had no accidents, no complaints from customers, coworkers, supervisors in all of these 17 years. I was fired because I had unexpected car trouble. I was working towards buyig a new vechicle. I lived about 30-40 miles from the jo

Dec 24, 2012 by HERBERT from Hampton, VA in  |  Flag
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Herbert, I am very sorry to hear about your firing from BF/Waste Industries. Seventeen years of no complaints and no accidents is commendable! Do you have a specific question regarding your retirement plan there? I wish you strength as you journey into new employment opportunities.

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Steve Casull Level 13

Thanks Kimberly... Herbert, because VA is a "Right to work state" you don't have a lot of legal weapons at your disposal, unless you want to file a sexual harassment suit. FIRST, it is good to get the toxicity out of how you were wronged. You've done that. Now lets show them what you and I can do. This is a sign of stupidity on behalf of BFI/Waste Industries. They lost an asset that had 17 years of building relationships with their client list. Now in a NON WHINEY way, call the Main office of Republic Services, AGAIN, NO WHINING, ask to speak to the Presidnts's Administrative Assistant, all politically correct crap aside, chances are it will be a VERY professional, and smart woman. Now in your NON WHINEY way, tell them you were with BFI, had an impeccable 17 year record, and every customer you serviced had become a good friend, you also have an impeccable personal driving record, no DUI's and you would like to meet with their VP of Sales to discuss your joining Republic, and to set up days where you and the various reps in the corresponding areas you serviced can go and meet those FRIENDS you serviced while at BFI and possibly show those friends a better alternative to BFI. Main Office :757-898-5488 Herbert, you and I need to pretend we have known each other for years, now. If you were a driver, you need to now be a business man. Do not have an attitude that you are not good enough to do this. Chances are the main difference between you and DOnald Trump is he had a rich daddy. But both of you can do what I have outlined. Tell me, what is the most important thing for a business to do? YES! Get more business. And after years of competition, the various competitors of BFI in your previous service area are finding it hard to grab customers from each other. YOU are a valuable thing to these competitors. BFI just didn't think you had the guts or abilities to do it. Now prove them wrong. And yes, I know that Herbert has probably passed the time where this advice would be beneficial, but there may be another person in the same situation. THIS is the advice people need. There is always time to go after their 401K rollover. Heck, if you help them, they will help you, and I'm not talking about proper asset allocating their 401K rollover.

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