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I have been employed by the Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Fort Worth for almost 12 years, I've forgotten who I have listed as my beneficiary. Can you help me?

Dec 27, 2012 by Connie from Fort Worth, TX in  |  Flag
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Connie, It sounds like you are a participant in an employer sponsored retirement plan. If you can find a statement from the plan see who the plan administrator is and get in contact with that person. Otherwise, call the administrative office for the Boys and Girls Club of the Greater Fort Worth area at 817-834-4711. Hope this helps!


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Call Human Resources and get the phone number of the Plan Administrator. They can advise you who is listed as beneficiary. To make a change, you need to complete a beneficiary change form, or if your plan has an online portal, you can probably change it online. Either way, you need to contact the Plan Administrator. They will provide you with the form and also direct you to register for the online portal.

It is a good idea to review your beneficiaries every two or three years (check your life insurance, annuities, IRA’s also). If no named beneficiary survives you, your retirement assets will go to your probate estate. For that reason, I recommend you select a ‘contingent beneficiary’ to help avoid this situation.

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