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Hello. I will like to find out of my 401k. I will like to know when was the last time my employer contribute to my 401k and how much is my total accumulated up to present? Thank you?

Jan 30, 2013 by Carmen from Bronx, NY in  |  Flag
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I would recommend that you talk to your employer's HR department. They should be able to answer that question for you or direct you to the plan administrator who has that information.

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Call Human Resources and get the phone number of the Plan Administrator. The Plan Administrator can answer your questions and also give you directions to access the online portal, where you can review your account anytime. Many plans do not do employer contributions until the end of the year.

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Jason Hull Level 20

It's also possible that you no longer work for that particular employer. You can use the Brightscope search functionality by going to http://www.brightscope.com and entering in your employer in the search box on the right hand side to find out who the administrator is. If that doesn't work, you can also look at the Department of Labor's abandoned 401k plan search here: http://www.askebsa.dol.gov/abandonedplansearch.

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Alfred F Level 13

If you look at the last statement you had received from the plan there should be an 800 number listed which you can call and ask that question. Conversely as the adviser above has responded you may contact your HR department for that information as well

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In addition to the above suggestions, you may want to contact your employer to request a meeting/seminar so you can better understand your plan. The type of information you are requesting should be easy for you to find, so a meeting with them or the plan vendor would be helpful.

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