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How can i purchase economy mud stock?

Jan 31, 2013 by DuJuan from Houston, TX in  |  Flag
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Jason Hull Level 20

Hi, DuJuan. If you're talking about this company - http://www.economypolymers.com/ - it looks like they're privately held. You could contact them directly and inquire about opportunities to get involved with them.

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DeJuan… Economy Mud does not appear to be a publicly traded company. However, if you are an employee, they may have an ‘Employee Stock Ownership Plan’ or ESOP, where you can purchase stock as part of a retirement plan, or there may be company stock options offered to employees.

As a non-public stock, you cannot purchase it on an exchange. If an employee or ex-employee owns shares, there are usually restrictions on it’s sale, but you may be able to purchase it that way. Be advised, as it is difficult to buy shares like this, it is equally as difficult to sell them.

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