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I have a 401k from 1997 or maybe earlier that I totally forgot about; how do I go about getting that money? I was Diagnosised with Breasted Cancer/ Lymphoma. Had a Bone Marrow Transplant aswell. So I could really use this Money tor Bills Etc...

Worked at LifeStart Wellness Center 1375 East 9 th Street. Cleveland Ohio. I Would really appreciate do help with this matter! 2163235808 email aprilbaby64.ap@gmail.com. My Name then was April Smith Thanks inadvance

Mar 20, 2013 by April from Cleveland, OH in  |  Flag
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According to LifeStart, ING now handles their 401k. Hopefully, ING can help you out. If not, Jason Hull's suggestion to contact the National Registry of Unclaimed Retirement Benefits is a good one.

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Jason Hull Level 20

Hi April--Sorry to hear of your circumstances. Be brave and resilient and you will get through your current struggles. That's more important than any money issue.

Unfortunately, there's nothing really available through searches based on that information; the address shows a new fitness center. There is a LifeStart Wellness Center in Public Square in Cleveland; their phone number is (216) 875-2051. That's the first place I'd look.

If that doesn't work, you could look in the National Registry of Unclaimed Retirement Benefits: https://www.unclaimedretirementbenefits.com/. It requires your Social Security number. They're going to try to sell you on a PenChecks IRA, so make sure you understand everything which is involved with using their IRA as opposed to your own.

Again, best of luck in your fight. Have courage!

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April, sorry to hear of your illness.

You need to find the plan administrator. If you have an old statement, the phone number should be on there. If not call Human Resources and get the phone number for the plan administrator. They will find your account and provide you information to get a distribution.

Your distribution will be subject to current income taxation and if you are under 55, a 10% penalty. There are strict hardship withdrawal rules, where you may not be subject to the 10% penalty if you need the money for unreimbursed medical expenses or to prevent foreclosure.

I hope it all works out.

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