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Where on the internet can I find the ratings of 401k / 403b providers?

Apr 25, 2013 by Mark from Freehold Township, NJ in  |  Flag
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David Fabian Level 19

Brightscope has a 401(k) ratings section right here. Simply put in the name of the company you wish to check out in the search bar and they will give you great information about the quality of the investment options, fees, and much more.

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Hi Mark! You are in the right place to find 401(k) information. 403(b) information is a little tougher to come by. There is no single repository of information for those plans that I am aware of. You can search online for a specific plan and you may find resources at the institution's website or at a state level. Good luck!

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Hi Mark - As mentioned, Brightscope is a great resource for 401(k) information. A couple of resources for 403(b) information would be 403bwise and 403bcompare. While 403bcompare is a site for California 403(b)'s you might find some useful information there. Good luck to you.

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Pam Horack, CFP®

Thanks for including these resources, Marcus!

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Lee Munson Level 16

Morningstar is a great place to start. HOWEVER - here is what you need to know: look at what is called the 'expense ratio' or "EXP Ratio" - hey, those are fees . . . Don't let anyone tell you your 401k is free. Also - here is a link to this weeks Frontline. It is all about how you are getting a raw deal from your 401k plan: http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/retirement-gamble/

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Good advice Lee. I would also suggest www.ed4ed.org. They provide some good information and i find that it's not overwhelming.

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As an employer, or HR manager tasked with finding a quality 401(k), you might want to research it on Brightscope, but depending on variables such as number of employees, size of plan, size of contributions, and company specific objectives, you should probably seek advice from one or more local financial professionals that specialize in retirement plans.

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