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I want to see if i have a 41k with HomeGoods? I worked for the company last year and never recieved a letter or a check when I left.Plz help me?

Apr 29, 2013 by Hannah from Lexington, KY in  |  Flag
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Hannah, Rod is right. Also keep in mind that all employees must satisfy the plan's eligibility requirements before becoming participants. The law generally permits establishing a maximum entry age of 21 and a service limitation of one year. Not sure how your plan is set up but this may influence whether you were a participant or not. Best regards, Mark

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Gina C. Wells, CLU®, ChFC®

Hannah, I agree as well with Rod, start with the human resource department to see if you were eligible and if they have you registered as a participant. The bigger question for you is now that you are no longer with HomeGoods, are you working for a new employer who offers a 401k? If not, please contact my office for a review of your present situation and how it may be improved for your future. Best Wishes, Gina

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If you enrolled in the company's 401k, you should have some paperwork regarding it. Most companies have a waiting period before you're eligible to participate in the plan.

My best advice at this point would be to contact their Human Resources Department to find out whether you were enrolled or not.

You might try this number: (859) 269-0075. Ask for the Human Resources Department.

Best of Luck,


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Call HR and get the number for the plan administrator. The plan administrator can check to see if you have fund

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